I clearly remember when I was 6 years old I told myself, “I can’t wait until I’m a teenager, my life would be so much easier by then.” oh boy was I wrong. When I was a kid all I had to worry about were my crayons if they were still complete after every class, if my hair clips looked nice or if my pigtails were still in place.

Now? I worry if somebody would try to break down my walls and hurt me like the others did, if I get to pass my projects & home works on time and get good grades even if I end up sacrificing my sleep or mental stability in the process. Since grades have been decided to be more important than my physical and mental health. If there’s one thing that I worry about the most it’s when I might accidentally let people know of what I really go through. How this girl who talks and jokes a lot actually has a fucked up life but she easily puts on a mask and pretends all is good even though it’s tormenting her from the inside, as if she had swallowed hundreds of pins and blades.

Isn’t it funny how when we were all kids that couldn’t wait to grow up and now that we have all grown up we wish that we could just turn back time and not face our problems at hand? I guess that’s the thing when you start growing up, you learn that you can’t run away from your problems. All you have to do is face them and tell yourself, “Might as well get this shit over with.”


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